Industries Served

Circuit-Tech Inc. provides PCB products for a variety of different markets and industries including Military & Aerospace, Medical, RF, Wireless, Communications and Industrial Networks.

Military and Aerospace

Military & Aerospace

Our MIL-PRF-55110 certification enables us to provide the Military & Aerospace industry with our usual high quality products that continuously meet their strict requirements.

  • CGP Registration No. 23932 (we are eligible for the Canadian Exemption under Section 126.5 of U.S. ITAR regulations)
  • AS9100 Preparation
  • Pursuing MIL-PRF-31032

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Printed circuit boards used in medical devices must adhere to the strictest specifications and rigorous testing due to their use in life & health saving equipment. Circuit-Tech Inc. consistently provides products that meet the stringent required specifications.

Communication Equipment

RF, Wireless Communications and Industrial Networks

With today’s ever-changing technologies within these industries, the need for rapid production and accurate specifications is a standard requirement. Circuit-Tech Inc has proven its capabilities in meeting these demands.