Manufacturer of Precision Printed Circuit Boards

~ Exceeding Expectations ~

Circuit-Tech. Inc is committed to exceeding expectations in customer service, quality and engineering support with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Services Available
  • Rapid Prototypes up to 30 Layers.

  • Medium to High Volume Production.

  • Electrical Test (Fixture & Flying Probe)

  • Micro sections and Detailed Analysis

  • IST / HATS Testing

  • Quality Support

Value Added Services

Engineering Design Support

  • DFM ~ Design for Manufacturability Support

  • Stack up data

  • Frontline Genesis 2000 Cam Stations

  • Format of Files ODD++ or 274x

  • Impedance Modeling & TDR Testing

  • Netlist Extraction and Comparison

Customized Inventory Management

  • Kanban/VMI Stocking Programs