Circuit Tech Inc.


Exceeding expectations

Quality / Reliability

Reliability and effective performance of your electronic assembly is critical to your business and manufacturing yields. You can't afford to sacrifice anything when it comes to quality. Circuit Tech is driven to manufacture printed circuit boards by continuously improving all of our business and production processes. Circuit Tech  provides quality products to meet and exceed your requirements in reliability and durability.      


To compete successfully in today's global marketplace, you need to apply the right expertise to every stage of your product's life cycle. Circuit Tech's sustained investment in people, process equipment, and technology allow us to continue to expand our capabilities. The result is lower production costs and competitive pricing.     

Supply Chain/Logistics

  Circuit Tech manages its SCM business through a robust manufacturing software which controls processes from quote/sales to procurement, production, storage, and delivery. Our software can track from raw materials to finished products, this satisfies the traceability requirements that you expect for your product.  Additinal software capabilities includes SCM processes to control split production batches either internally or externally - this supports outsourced production or any special process activities. Circuit Tech can purchase materials directly to the production jobs and complete LIFO, FIFO and standard costing inventory. Our software can also track vendor's on-time delivery and quality performance for displaying scorecard on vendor’s supply chain performance.      

Industries Serviced

Defense / Military


Circuit Tech Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high density, high reliability printed circuit boards for the Defense/Military Industry. Manufacturing highly reliable product for this industry is the focus of Circuit Tech's future growth.



Circuit Tech Inc. is known for manufacturing top-quality PCBs. Our unwavering  commitment to our customers requires us to meet the highest standards of testing and certification to endure extreme conditions, like those found in the space environment.  



Commercial aerospace applications demand high reliability under the extreme environmental conditions at 35,000 feet. For over 35 years, Circuit Tech Inc. have been manufacturing and refining various products for this highly demanding industry. 



Printed circuit boards used in medical devices must adhere to the strictest specifications and rigorous testing due to their use in life saving  equipment. Circuit Tech Inc. consistently provides products that meet the stringent Medical Industry required specifications. 



With today’s ever-changing technologies within the Telecom industry, the need for rapid production to strict specifications is a standard requirement. Circuit Tech Inc. has demondstrated its capabilities in meeting these demands. 

Industrial Network


This sector consists of land wired and wireless communication, mass storage, digital and analog broadcasting, mobile phone and mobile tower communications systems. Circuit Tech Inc. manufacturers printed circuit boards for a variety of applications that require a wide range of technology and materials.