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PCB Design/Layout Services

Vision Circuits delivers the highest quality PCB design, design verification, component coding and library management services to our customer base across North America. We deliver these services with the utmost concern for quality, precision and service while meeting the time and cost constraints of our customers. 

Service Provided 

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Software Versions 

Altium Designer 16 and earlier version Allegro Designer Mentor Graphics PADS & Expedition 


  • IPC compliant PCB footprints
  • Layer counts: 2 – 28+ layers
  • High Density blind/buried, micro via, via-in-pad
  • RF, Power, Backplane, Analog, Digital, Flex and Rigid
  • DDR, DDR2 & DDR3, SerDes, PCI Express, Rapid IO, 10 Gb Ethernet
  • Manufacturing Panel design
  • DFA & DFM Verification