Social Responsibility


  Circuit Tech Inc. has implemented a recycling program in all of it's manufacturing operations. There are many chemicals and metals that are applied and then removed from printed circuit boards during their manufacturing processes. This waste must be recovered and recycled in order to improve the economics of the manufacturing process. Circuit Tech Inc. follows strict protocols as stated be municipal and federal requirement for disposing any waste.  

Chemical Treatment & Discharge

  Circuit Tech Inc. has a strict mandate as an electronic PCB manufacturer to control the chemical effluent being discharged from it's chemical PCB processes. All process chemical is treated via in-house resin bed filtration system prior to existing our facility. All concentrated PCB metal barring chemicals are contained and disposed by an outside environmental company.

Air Pollution Control

            Circuit Tech Inc. has taken preventive measures for making a safe operation environment for it's employees, controlling the pollution being vented from the facility. We have installed a cross-flow scrubber system to control the emissions, which consists of two main components – the pre-filters and the main scrubber. The function of the pre-filters is to collect any chemical mist from the PCB processes before emitted clean air out of it's facility.       


The health of our planet demands our greatest commitment; reduction in the excessive consumption and waste of our natural resources is mandatory. This understanding has lead Circuit Tech Inc. into paying constant attention to our daily behavior and habits. Taking up the global challenge of adopting methods of consumption and production that marry with environmental sustainability has lead us to making new investments which minimize the impact we have on the environment. By improving our energy efficiency, implementing an accurate waste management and recovery system, introducing a correct programme of storage and handling of dangerous substances, we have made a commitment to improving our environment and health and safety in the work place.